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Ohio Administrative Code (OAC)

OAC 4121   Industrial commission

               4121-1          Notice; meetings.

               4121-2          Standards of practice for attorneys, agents, and representatives of claimants or employees.

               4121-3          Claims procedures.

               4121-4          Accessing confidential personal information.

               4121-15        Code of ethics.     

               4121-17        Payments to health care providers.         


OAC 4123   Bureau of workers' compensation

               4123-1          Notice procedure.

               4123-3         Claims procedure.

               4123-5          Miscellaneous provisions.

               4123-6          Health partnership program.

               4123-6-8       Medical Services and Professional Provider Fee Schedule

               4123-6-37.3  Payment of ambulatory surgical center services

               4123-7          Payments to health care providers.

               4123-9          General policy of the bureau and general organization of bureau offices.

               4123-10        Accessing confidential personal information.

               4123-14        Noncomplying employer.

               4123-15        Code of ethics.

               4123-16        Personal information systems.

               4123-17        General rating for the state insurance fund.

               4123-18        Rehabilitation of injured and disabled workers.

               4123-19        General procedures for state insurance fund; self-insuring employers.

               4123-20        Marine industry fund.

               4123-21        Coal-workers' pneumoconiosis fund.

OAC 4125   Industrial commission/Workers compensation

               4125-1          Wage loss compensation; Electronic submission and acceptance of documents.

OAC 4167   Public employment risk reduction program.

               4167-1          General provisions.

               4167-2          Refusal to work.

               4167-3          Adoption of federal standards; Ohio specific safety standards.

               4167-4          Notification to employees.

               4167-5          Abatement; Undue hardship.

               4167-6          Recording and reporting injury and illness.

               4167-7          Variances.

               4167-8          Inspection procedures.

               4167-9          Discrimination against complaining employee.

               4167-10        Protection of trade secrets and confidential information.

               4167-11        Emergency temporary Ohio employment risk reduction standards.

               4167-13        Abatement verification.

               4167-14        Contest of violation.

               4167-15        Exemption application.

OAC 4123:1  Division of safety and hygiene

               4123:1-1       Elevators.

               4123:1-3       Construction.

               4123:1-5       Workshops and factories.

               4123:1-7       Metal casting.

               4123:1-9       Steel making, manufacturing, and fabricating.

               4123:1-11     Laundering and drycleaning.

               4123:1-13     Rubber and plastic industries.     

               4123:1-17     Window cleaning.

               4123:1-21     Fire fighting.