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Bureau of Labor and Statistics/CFOI 2020 Data

BWC partners with BLS for the annual CFOI for Ohio.

The Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) program gathers information on comprehensive count and descriptive statistics on fatal occupational injuries across the nation. The census provides highly accurate and valuable information used by safety and health organizations and professionals to identify and track specific life-threatening hazards and enhance effectiveness of preventive measures. Results from the program at state and national levels are published annually.

Fatal occupational injuries in Ohio, BLS CFOI, 2020

Summary report - provides some of the key findings from the CFOI program for both the public and private sectors.

CFOI statistics and data for United States

Publication tables

Table 1 - Fatal occupational injuries by industry and event or exposure, Ohio, 2020

Table 5 - Fatal occupational injuries by occupation and event or exposure, Ohio, 2020

Table 7 - Fatal occupational injuries by worker characteristics and event or exposure, Ohio, 2020

Table 9 - Fatal occupational injuries by event or exposure for all fatal injuries and major private industry 1 sector, Ohio, 2020

Workbook with all summary tables (.xls)

For further information and/or data requests beyond the statistics provided on this page, contact the Division of Safety & Hygiene's research and statistics department.