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Rules & Laws for Employers

Ohio Revised Code (ORC)

Laws/statutes that pertain to workers' compensation


4121.   Industrial commission; Bureau of workers' compensation.

4123.   Workers' compensation.

4125.   Professional employer organizations.

4127.   Public works relief compensation.

4131.   Separate compensation funds.

4133.   Alternate employer organizations.

4167.   Public employment risk reduction program.

Miscellaneous statutes

2913.48      Workers' compensation fraud.

4113.21      Employee shall not be required to pay cost of medical examination.

Ohio Administrative Code (OAC)

Rules that apply to workers' compensation

OAC 4121   Industrial commission


4121-1          Notice; meetings.

4121-2          Standards of practice for attorneys, agents, and representatives of claimants or employees.

4121-3          Claims procedures.

4121-4          Accessing confidential personal information.

4121-15        Code of ethics.     

4121-17        Payments to health care providers.         

OAC 4123   Bureau of workers' compensation

 4123-1          Notice procedure.

 4123-3         Claims procedure.

 4123-5          Miscellaneous provisions.

 4123-6          Health partnership program.

 4123-10        Accessing confidential personal information.

 4123-14        Noncomplying employer.

 4123-15        Code of ethics.

 4123-16        Personal information systems.

 4123-17        General rating for the state insurance fund.

4123-18        Rehabilitation of injured and disabled workers.

4123-19        General procedures for state insurance fund; self-insuring employers.

4123-20        Marine industry fund.

4123-21        Coal-workers' pneumoconiosis fund.

OAC 4125   Industrial commission/Workers' compensation

4125-1          Wage loss compensation; Electronic submission and acceptance of documents.

OAC 4167   Public employment risk reduction program.

4167-1          General provisions.

4167-2          Refusal to work.

4167-3          Adoption of federal standards; Ohio specific safety standards.

4167-4          Notification to employees.

4167-5          Abatement; Undue hardship.

4167-6          Recording and reporting injury and illness.

4167-7          Variances.

4167-8          Inspection procedures.

4167-9          Discrimination against complaining employee.

4167-10        Protection of trade secrets and confidential information.

4167-13        Abatement verification.

4167-14        Contest of violation.

4167-15        Exemption application.

OAC 4123:1  Division of safety and hygiene

4123:1-1       Elevators.

4123:1-3       Construction.

4123:1-5       Workshops and factories.

4123:1-7       Metal casting.

4123:1-9       Steel making, manufacturing, and fabricating.

4123:1-11     Laundering and drycleaning.

4123:1-13     Rubber and plastic industries.     

4123:1-17     Window cleaning.

4123:1-21     Fire fighting.