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Ergonomics consultations

BWC's ergonomics consultants provide services that help employers reduce the potential for strains and sprains due to lifting, pushing, pulling and carrying tasks; cumulative trauma disorders due to repetitive, hand-intensive work and awkward work postures; and other work-related musculoskeletal disorders. In addition to making jobs safer and less physically stressful, ergonomic improvements often help to boost productivity, quality and job satisfaction. 

Typical services include: 

  • Operational assessments – We can assess specific operations or selected jobs to identify ergonomic hazards and develop ergonomic improvements. 
  • Safety management assessments – We can review safety management documentation and practices and provide tools, resources and advice on how to develop or enhance your systems and strategies for managing safety and ergonomics. 
  • Project facilitation – We can facilitate team meetings to help you implement ergonomic improvement projects. 
  • On-site training - We can help you develop training and awareness programs tailored to your specific operations and needs. 
  • Process development - We can facilitate meetings or help you develop a written ergonomics process. 
  • Return-to-work consultations – We can help you identify ergonomic modifications that may facilitate a successful return-to-work for an injured worker. 

To request an ergonomics consultation, you can either contact your local service office (contact information for your BWC account representative can be found on the My Policy page), or submit a request online. Please have your BWC policy number ready. A safety consultant will contact you within two business days.