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Industrial hygiene consultation

BWC's industrial hygiene consultants help employers in all industries determine occupational exposures.

Typical services include:

  • Air sampling – We can perform general area and personal breathing zone sampling to determine exposures to many types of airborne contaminants, compare the results to exposure guidelines, and provide advice on reducing exposures through engineering controls or personal protective equipment.
  • Noise sampling – We can use sound level meters and noise dosimeters to determine noise levels, compare results to exposure guidelines, and help develop noise reduction interventions and hearing conservation programs.
  • Physical hazard assessment – We can measure employee exposure to temperature extremes (heat/cold stress) and offer advice on appropriate work/rest cycles, hydration, engineering controls and personal protective equipment.
  • Safety management assessments – We can review safety management documentation and practices and provide tools, resources and advice on how to develop or enhance your systems and strategies for managing employee safety and health.
  • Project facilitation – We can facilitate team meetings to help you implement industrial hygiene improvement projects, such as local exhaust ventilation for airborne contaminants or engineered noise controls.
  • On-site training – We can help you develop training and awareness programs tailored to your specific operations and needs.
  • Process development - We can facilitate meetings or help you develop written programs and processes. 

To request an industrial hygiene consultation, you can either contact your local service office (contact information for your BWC account representative can be found on the My Policy page), or submit a request online. Please have your BWC policy number ready. A safety consultant will contact you within two business days. 

If you are a small, high-hazard employer, consultants from the OSHA On-Site Consultation Program may be best equipped to assist you.

If you are a public employer, consultants from the Public Employment Risk Reduction Program may also be able to assist you.