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Safety resources

BWC is sharing this list of tools and resources to help assure that Ohio workers and employees have access to safe work environments.

BWC has a multitude of free resources available for employers to keep their work environments safe and free of hazards. 

Safety Services Catalog
BWC's Division of Safety & Hygiene Safety Services Catalog details the free safety services and programs available to employers.

Employer Safety Publications
This is a resource page designed for employers, which includes education guides, brochures, fact sheets, manuals, and other employer related safety resources. 

Ergonomics Resources Guide for Various Industries
This guide includes a number of industry-specific publications, guidelines and case studies to assist employers in preventing injuries associated with ergonomics risk factors.

Safety Management Resources Guide
This guide provides recommendations and links to safety management tools. It's intended to assist you with making safety and claims management improvements identified in the Safety Management Self-Assessment (SH-26). So, we've organized it using the same 10 categories as the SH-26.

Ergonomic tools & Internet resources
These include tools and resources designed to be used in your workplace. In addition, there are links to websites focusing on ergonomics.

BWC/OSU Lifting guidelines
These guidelines can help users assess lifting tasks in their workplaces based on scientific research conducted by nationally recognized experts.

BWC/OSU One-handed lifting guidelines
These guidelines can help users assess one-handed lifting (and lowering) tasks in their workplaces based on research conducted by The Ohio State University.

BWC/OSU Push/Pull guidelines
These guidelines can help users prevent lower back injuries based on research conducted by The Ohio State University.

Disaster & Pandemic Preparedness
This guide provides links to disaster preparedness and business continuance planning resources as well as resources to assist businesses in planning for a global disease outbreak and other comparable catastrophes.

Safety talks
This is a resource page designed for safety leaders to help them increase safety awareness and improve performance in their organizations.

School safety tools
This site provides resources, tools and templates that will help school districts maintain a safe and healthy environment. 

Industry-specific tools
This page includes links to marketing and informational materials by industry.

Safety-related links
Provides links to external safety resources.

Ohio Workers' Compensation Laws

Ohio Administrative Code
To view Ohio Administrative Code statutes relative to Ohio workers' compensation, please visit the LAWriter website*.

4123 Bureau of Workers' Compensation
4123:1 Division of Safety and Hygiene

Ohio Revised Code
To view Ohio Revised Code statutes relative to Ohio workers' compensation, please visit the LAWriter website*.

Chapter 4123: Workers' Compensation

*Note: LAWriter is an independent website. The material on LAWriter is not maintained by BWC.

If you have questions about finding a code, or need previous versions of the code, please call the library at 614-466-7388. 

In addition to the free resources listed above, BWC provides safety tips for youth and older adults, an ergonomics resource guide for various industries and a safety management resources guide.

Finally, here is a listing of the Division of Safety & Hygiene's major programs, services and resources.