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Self-insuring employers overview

Self-insurance is a privilege BWC grants to certain employers that can show an ability to directly pay compensation and medical costs for work-related injuries. Employers that BWC approves for self-insurance must demonstrate sufficient financial strength and administrative ability to assure they promptly meet all obligations under Ohio Revised Code 4123.35.

By accepting the privilege of self-insurance, an employer acknowledges the ultimate responsibility for the administration of workers' compensation claims in accordance with the laws and rules that govern self-insurance.

To qualify for self-insurance, an employer must meet the following requirements.

  • Authorization from the Ohio Secretary of State to do business in this state.
  • Two years of experience with the Ohio State Insurance Fund.
  • Demonstrate strong financial stability.
  • Possess the ability to administer a self-insured program.
  • Maintain an account with a financial institution in Ohio, or draw compensation checks from the same account as the payroll checks.
  • Have a BWC-certified Qualified Health Plan (QHP) or medical-management plan.