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Applying for coverage

Read each of the sections below to see if you need to submit a U-3.

Who needs a new application for coverage?

  • Employers with one or more full or part-time employees 
  • Independent contractors and subcontractors with employees
  • Corporations with multiple owner/officers
  • Bringing employees to work in Ohio for 90 consecutive days or more
  • Certain domestic household employers


Does an application need to be submitted?

  • Formation of a new business.
    • Ohio law requires employers to obtain workers’ compensation coverage for their employees from the date they first hire employees in Ohio.  
    • Types of coverage will provide additional operations, such as domestic coverage for homeowners.
  • Contract labor/1099s
    • For more information on subcontractors, casual labor, and other examples click here.   
  • Out-of-state employers
  • Buying a business? 
    • If you acquired an existing business, you may continue the use of the former owner’s policy with the necessary forms and authorizations.  If you wish to continue utilizing the former policy, you must confirm that coverage has not been cancelled.   
    • If coverage on the former policy has been cancelled, you must proceed with completing an Application for Workers' Compensation Coverage (U-3) if you are amenable.  
    • If you are updating the existing policy, complete both forms, Notification of Policy Update (U-117) and Notification of Purchase/Sale or Merger/Acquisition (U-118). Authorization from the former owner must be obtained on the U-118 to process and update.
  • Merging two or more entities? 
    • If you have existing policies with us and are reorganizing or merging to consolidate or create a new entity, you must complete a Notification of Purchase/Sale or Merger/Acquisition (U-118). 
  • Changing an entity type and no change in ownership? 
    • If you are changing your entity type for tax purposes and have an active policy, complete the Notification of Policy Update (U-117) to make those changes. You do not need to complete a new application and get a new policy to make this update.

Note: If you are unable to obtain the proper signatures for these updates please proceed with a new application to obtain coverage.  You will have an opportunity to upload documents to assist with processing your application.