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One Claim Program

This program is for employers that have been removed from the Group-Experience-Rating Program due to a significant claim. It helps employers with minimal claims lessen the impact of a large claim coming into their experience next year.

The basics

To participate in the One Claim Program (OCP), you must have a single significant claim entering your experience for the first time. A significant claim is one whose total cost exceeds the expected losses for an employer based on size and industry — also known as total limited losses — calculated for that policy year. You may only designate one significant claim every four years.

Why participate?

In addition to the base rate reduction, OCP provides an opportunity for employers to gain a better understanding of claims management and work to prevent future claims. Effective claims management can help employers get back into Group-Experience Rating more quickly.

Eligibility requirements

As of the initial application deadline, you must be enrolled in the Group-Experience Rating Program.

At the time of initial application and each renewal application, you must:

  • Not have more than three minor claims in addition to the one significant claim during the experience period.
  • Be current on all monies due to BWC.
  • Not have cumulative lapses in workers' compensation coverage in excess of 40 days within the prior 12 months.
  • Report actual payroll for the preceding policy year, and pay any premium due upon reconciliation of estimated premium and actual premium for that policy year.

Enrolling in the program

Complete the Application for One Claim Program (OCP-1) by the following deadlines.

  • Private employers, by the last business day of January
  • Public employers, by the last business day of July

You must submit an application each year. We will not automatically enroll you in the program. We will determine initial and ongoing eligibility based on claims activity during the experience period. BWC maintains the right to remove an employer from the program that does not meet eligibility requirements.

How it works

An employer who meets all the eligibility requirements will receive the following up front discount off the base rate.

  • 20 percent during the first year in the program
  • 15 percent in the second year
  • 10 percent in the third year
  • 5 percent in the fourth year

Safety training requirements

In your first year of participation, you must complete one half-day classroom industry-specific safety course offered by the Division of Safety & Hygiene (DSH) or three hours of online safety training courses offered by DSH.

Second, third, and fourth year participants must attend or complete any one of the following:

  • One half-day (classroom) industry-specific safety course offered by DSH.
  • Three hours of online safety training courses offered by DSH.
  • Three one-hour training sessions in-person at the Ohio Safety Congress & Expo.
  • A training class or seminar developed by BWC, and approved by DSH, for satisfying OCP safety requirements.

Register for classes.

Safety training requirements must be completed by the following dates.

  • Private employers, by the last business day of March of the program year.
  • Public employer taxing districts, by the last business day of September of the program year.

Note: Employers must complete three hours of online safety classes through this website.