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Transitional work programs

Transitional Work Bonus Program

Employers with a transitional work plan actively participate in the recovery and return to work of their employees. Injured employees can resume their work functions with minimal time off, and employers are better prepared to place an injured employee in a job or given work tasks consistent with any medical or physical restrictions.

The cost benefits may include reducing compensation payments and lowering claims reserves. We offer an additional benefit for employers with a transitional work plan participating in the Transitional Work Bonus Program.

Eligible state-fund employers or public employer taxing districts with an approved transitional work plan may receive a back-end bonus for using the plan to return injured workers back to work. The potential incentive is a maximum 10% bonus for using an established transitional work program; applicable to claims with dates of injury within that bonus year of program participation.

Eligibility requirements

  • Be current with respect to all payments due BWC.
  • No cumulative lapses in workers' comp coverage in excess of 40 days within the 12 months preceding the application deadline.
  • Be in an active policy status. Active policy status does not include an employer with no coverage or lapsed.
  • Must have reported actual payroll for the proceeding policy year and paid any premium due upon reconciliation of estimated premium with actual premium no later than the application deadline.

Enrolling in the program

For private employers: Complete the Application for Transitional Work Bonus Program (TWB-1) by the last business day in May for the July 1 - June 30 program period.

For public employers: Complete the Application for Transitional Work Bonus Program (TWB-1) by the last business day in November for the Jan. 1 - Dec. 31 program period.

Note: Once you participate in the bonus program we'll automatically renew you for the next program year as long as you continue to meet eligibility requirements. You can look up your program eligibility.

Plan requirements

Your next step is to submit evidence your company has a transitional work plan. Several acceptable forms of documentation include:

  • A transitional work plan developed with a previous BWC grant.
  • A company-created transitional work plan.
  • A copy of your company's transitional work policy from your human resources manual or employee handbook.
  • Signed letter from a company officer stating your company has a transitional work plan or your company is in the process of developing a BWC transitional work grant plan.

You can submit your transitional work plan via fax to 614-621-5758 or email transitional work support . Remember to include all of your company policy numbers in the email or on your fax cover sheet.


Transitional Work Grants Program

One of the most important strategies to help injured workers remain at work or return to work is transitional work. Our Transitional Work Grant Program is designed to help you develop a transitional work program that's right for your business and your employees. Returning an injured worker to the job as soon as safely possible before the worker is 100% recovered lowers your workers' comp costs and improves your bottom line.

Transitional work grants are for companies ranging from 11 to 200+ employees.  You may be reimbursed up to 100% of your maximum grant amounts. These grant amounts are:

  • 11-49 employees up to $2,900.
  • 50-199 employees up to $5,200.
  • 200+ employees up to $6,300.

Eligibility requirements

State-fund private employers and public employer taxing districts with 11 or more employees and having not received a transitional work grant from BWC in the past five years,  may apply for funds to help contract with a BWC-accredited transitional work developer. Your developer will create a customized transitional work program for you. An employer must:

  • Be current with all payments due BWC and in an active policy status.
  • Not have cumulative lapses in coverage in excess of 40 days within the preceding 12 months.
  • Submit your payroll true-up and pay any applicable premium before the expiration of any grace period.

Employers not eligible for a transitional work grant may email the transitional work department to receive BWC resources to develop your own transitional work plan.

Enrolling in the program

Submit a Transitional Work Grant (TWG-1) application.

Eligible employers will receive an approval email. Once BWC approves your application, your next step is to hire a BWC-accredited transitional work developer to design your customized program. BWC only provides grant monies for plans and services provided by a BWC-accredited developer.

Corporate program

If an employer has multiple policy numbers, BWC will work with the employer and the transitional work developer to create a transitional work plan at a corporate level. The employer should submit the Application for Transitional Work Grant Program (TWG-1) for the policy with the largest number of reported employees. If more funds are needed to complete a program, BWC may approve associated policy numbers for additional grant monies. The associated policy number must meet all Transitional Work Grant eligibility requirements under its own policy number.

For more information about the accredited developers and the areas they serve, visit the transitional work developers page. Email the BWC transitional work grant department, or contact your managed care organization or third-party administrator if you need help in selecting a transitional work developer.