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BWC direct reimbursement counties

If your business is in one of the counties listed as one of the BWC reimbursement counties on the SURWSP overview page, you will be reimbursed directly through BWC.


To enroll, complete the SURWSP Enrollment Form (SUR-1). Employers meeting the eligibility requirements will receive additional information on program participation. Enrollment in the program does not obligate you to perform any duties or requirements. Program requirements and obligations only apply if you decide to seek reimbursement.


Prior to submitting your request to BWC, please complete the following two items. Reimbursement requests will not be paid until you complete both items.

When you are ready to submit a reimbursement request to BWC:

  • Download and save the SURWSP Request for Reimbursement (SUR-2) form to your computer.
  • Complete the SUR-2 form.
  • Include the State of Ohio Supplier ID number for your company on the SUR–2. The Supplier ID number is five or six digits long with several zeroes preceding the digits. Your reimbursement request cannot be processed without it.
  • Save the completed SUR-2 form to your computer.
  • Open the completed SUR-2 form and click the Submit button. This will automatically create an email to send to BWCSURWSP.Reimbursement@bwc.state.oh.us.
  • Attach the supporting documentation listed on the form to the email.
  • Hit the “Send” button on your email.

* Reimbursement is available on a first come, first served basis while funding and BWC resources are available. Both the program and funding may be modified or suspended at any time.