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Coal Mine Operators' coverage

Coal mine operators who engage in coal mine construction, maintenance, and coal transportation may be required to carry coverage.

Coal mine operators and certain other employers may be required to carry coverage to comply with the Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act. Coal Mine Operators' coverage is also called Black Lung coverage.
This coverage is in addition to the employer's regular Ohio workers’ compensation coverage. It's available through:

  • BWC.
  • Private insurance carriers.
  • Self-insuring employers, if the U.S. Department of Labor authorizes it.

To apply for Black Lung coverage through BWC, complete the Application for Additional Coverage to Meet Standards of Federal Black Lung Law (U-129). Request the form by calling BWC’s Employer Services Division at 614-728-0535 or e-mail BWCotherstatescoverage@bwc.state.oh.us.

For those having Black Lung coverage, reportable wages are not subject to minimum and maximum payroll reporting requirements. Employers report payroll through the semiannual Black Lung Payroll Report.
If you have questions about Black Lung claims contact the:

  • BWC claims team at 614-466-6919.
  • U.S. Department of Labor, Ohio Black Lung Division, at 800-347-3771.