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Employer services specialists

Employer services specialists (ESS) are an employer’s risk management contact at the BWC. ESS research information and recommend strategies to reduce employer costs. In addition, they make referrals to safety professionals who can provide employers with safety assistance.

Your ESS can give you detailed information on how BWC determines your rates. The ESS can review how claims, settlements, handicap reimbursements and return-to-work programs affect your premiums. Additionally, your ESS can help with payroll reporting and true-up concerns, interpreting account status billings and assigned classifications.

Work-related injuries occur even in the safest workplaces. Controlling costs of claims once an injury occurs is essential to keeping premium costs low. Your ESS can help you design a cost-efficient workers’ compensation program that meets your needs.

We offer rating programs focusing on claims prevention and claims cost control efforts for employers to encourage a focus on safety. Our bonus and rebate programs focus on return-to-work for injured workers, efficient management of your account, cost control efforts for employers, and streamlining of BWC processes and requirements to encourage an employer's focus on risk and policy management.

To find your ESS’s contact information, sign in to your My Policy page. Your ESS is the BWC account representative listed under Company Information.