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Provider Contacts

Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) — Change Healthcare is BWC's Pharmacy Benefits Manager and is the sole processor of drug bills for state-fund, Black Lung, and Marine Industrial Fund claims. Change Healthcare can assist pharmacies with technical questions about bill submission. Pharmacies must submit two of the following three items, along with the other billing information, to the pharmacy benefit manager (PBM): 

•    Cardholder ID (Social Security number).
•    Claim/reference ID (BWC claim number including hyphen).
•    Date of injury.

Other billing information:
•    BIN: 012592 
•    Group: (none)

To contact Change Healthcare call 1-888-292-5229.

BWC’s Pharmacy Program — Send questions or comments about outpatient drug benefits, the outpatient medication prior authorization program, or other related matters by calling 1-877-543-6446 or by emailing Pharmacy.benefits@bwc.state.oh.us.  You can also mail inquiries to:

Pharmacy Department    
Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation
30 W. Spring St., 21st floor
Columbus, OH  43215-2256

MCOs — Since BWC's PBM does not reimburse for durable medical equipment or medical supplies purchased at a pharmacy, contact the injured worker’s managed care organization (MCO) about these services. To find the correct MCO using the injured worker’s claim number, call 1-800-644-6292 or use the Claim parties' contact info service offering.