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Understanding the Provider Network

The Health Partnership Program (HPP) is our program for managing workers’ compensation health care for injured workers employed by state-fund employers. BWC employees, business leaders, labor representatives and health-care providers designed HPP.

The below links will provide you with the information you need to know about becoming a certified provider.

As a member of the medical community, you play a crucial role in BWC’s efforts to provide benefits to Ohio’s injured workers. Under BWC’s managed-care system, the Health Partnership Program (HPP), we work together to provide our customers with the quality health care they deserve. That’s why we want to make sure you have the information you need to treat injured workers safely and effectively.

HPP employs the medical management services of managed care organizations (MCOs). The MCO is responsible for:

  • Reporting claims;
  • Providing a diverse panel of certified health care providers;
  • Medical care management including review of treatment requests and making treatment decisions;
  • Dispute resolution – first level;
  • Bill review and payment;
  • Educating and assisting employers regarding safety and return-to-work initiatives.

The Qualified Health Plan (QHP) allows self-insuring employers to form their own health care panels to deliver medical services to their employees. In QHP, you may contract with the MCO or directly with the employer to provide services. Also in QHP, all terms are negotiated with the employer. Financial arrangements cannot negatively impact the quality of services provided. The goal of HPP and QHP is to deliver high-quality, cost-effective health care for the injured workers.

Through these programs BWC and our partners are committed to a system that improves health care for employees and lowers cost for businesses by focusing on safe and early return to work. Provider enrollment and certification Health care providers must be BWC-certified to participate in HPP or QHP. You may belong to multiple MCO or QHP panels.