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Applying for benefits

In Ohio, most injured workers return to work within the first week after their injury. However, some injured workers cannot return to work for a short period of time and require temporary benefits.

To receive workers' compensation benefits, injured workers must:

  • Have a BWC Order (which is a written notice) showing their workers' compensation claim is in Allowed status.

    Note: Allowed, Approved, and Accepted are also terms used for BWC approval status. A medical-only claim in Allowed status may qualify for benefits even if there is no lost time from work. Contact a medical claims specialist for details.
  • Provide BWC and the managed care organization (MCO) with all requested information related to the claim. To give authorization that releases your medical records, you must complete the Authorization to Release Medical Information (C-101) .

Normally for workers' compensation claims, injured workers use the C-101 to ask providers to release medical information. However, sometimes providers, due to HIPPA concerns, will require a provider's proprietary medical release form. To address this potential issue, we're making Medicaid's medical release form available for download.
Note: Before you begin, download the instructions.

  • Set up a way to receive the benefits (BWC payments). Refer to Receiving benefits for more information.

Once you return to work, temporary total compensation benefits will end. However, you may be eligible for other types of compensation. The information below provides you complete information about receiving compensation benefits.