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Percent of permanent partial (%PP) benefit

The Percent of Permanent Partial (%PP) pays for loss-of-use injuries, such as the loss of the injured worker's vision or hearing caused by a work-related injury. However, this benefit is based on the percentage of their impairment due to the work-related injury.

Example: A worker may get a %PP award if they break their arm at work and can no longer extend their arm to its fullest degree.

A %PP award can be given for either physical or psychiatric conditions. However, any psychiatric condition must be as a result of the work-related injury.

Requesting %PP benefits

To request this benefit, complete the (C-92) Application for Determination of Percentage of Permanent Partial Disability or Increase of Permanent Partial Disability form.

%PP award amount

The Percent of Permanent Partial benefit is based on the findings of an independent physical exam. The examining physician will review information from the injured worker’s doctor, but will not contact the injured worker’s doctor for additional information.

The award is calculated using the injured worker's previous wages and American Medical Association guidelines. It is paid at a predetermined rate based on the body part that was impacted and the date of the injury. An award (scheduled loss) for vision is determined by the percent of vision lost.

Objecting to a %PP award

If you disagree with the %PP award, the injured worker can file an appeal. This is also called an Objection. To object, complete the (IC-167-T) Objection to Tentative Order Awarding Permanent Partial Disability Compensation form.