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Violation of specific safety requirement (VSSR) benefit

If a violation has (or may have) occurred from the failure of the employer to comply with a specific safety requirement, the following people can file for the Violation of Specific Safety Requirement (VSSR) benefit:

  • An injured worker, or
  • An injured worker’s dependent when there has been a worker fatality

Requesting VSSR benefits

To apply for the VSSR benefit, complete the (IC-8/9) Application for Additional Award for Violation of Specific Safety Requirement in a Workers' Compensation Claim form.

The Industrial Commission of Ohio (IC) maintains jurisdiction over the VSSR application and the determination process.

VSSR award amount

An IC staff hearing officer hears the request for the VSSR award.

If the employer is found to be in violation of a specific safety requirement, the staff hearing officer can assess a penalty ranging from 15 to 50 percent of the maximum workers’ compensation award as established by law. The percentage awarded goes to the injured worker or their dependents.