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Getting Medical Care

If a worker is injured on the job, they can see any doctor for their first visit. But after the first doctor’s visit, the injured worker must select a BWC-certified medical provider as their Physician of Record (POR) to manage the treatment for a work-related injury.

Note: The words “medical providers” and “providers” are used interchangeably. The words “doctor” and “physician” and “POR” are used interchangeably.

To locate a BWC-certified medical provider in your area, refer to the BWC Provider Lookup.

Non-certified providers

Important: Except in an emergency or for the initial doctor's visit, an injured worker will be responsible for paying their own medical bills if they have a non-certified provider treat them for their work-related injury.

If the doctor is a non-BWC certified provider and the worker wants to request Temporary Total (TT) Compensation, take the (C-84) Request for Temporary Total Compensation form and give it to the doctor as that medical provider may not be familiar with the required form needed to request this benefit.

For additional information about receiving medical care for your workers' compensation claim: