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Youth safety resources

To promote youth safety, we offer a toolkit including resources for young workers, parents, employers, and educators

Ohio's youth are the working adults of the future and keeping them safe at work is a priority for BWC. To promote youth safety, we want to partner with youth, parents, employers and educators to offer education and support for youth workers. The toolkit on this page helps us do that.

Young Workers Safety Online Training

The BWC Learning Center offers a free, interactive online safety training for young people entering into the workforce. Topics include rights and responsibilities as a worker, how to identify and navigate different types of hazards, use and care of personal protective equipment (PPE), and tips to help avoid injuries and illnesses in the workplace. Click here for instructions on How to Use the BWC Learning Center.


Young Worker Summer Job Safety

Sponsored by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), gives information on specific summer jobs for youth 

Center for Young Worker Safety and Health

Located at the Georgia Tech Research Institute, offers all seven of their training programs online and free of charge for students, educators, employers and their families

Young Worker Safety and Health

Sponsored by the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH), provides an abundance of information on youth safety, including facts for youth from hazard recognition to youth rights in the workplace. It includes teacher resources. It also provides information to employers specific to the youth worker and injury prevention in specific jobs such as agriculture, construction and fast food service.

Young and New Workers

Sponsored by WorkSafe BC, covers a variety of topics for the young worker, including a special spotlight video clip on a young worker. Includes resources for educators.

Young Workers

This Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety site is full of tips for young workers as well as a detailed listing of commonly held youth jobs with their hazards. It also provides information for parents and their roles in young worker safety as well as information for employers to provide guidance in health and safety.

National Young Worker Safety Resource Center

A collaborative project of U.C. Berkeley’s Labor Occupational Health Program and the Education Development Center, Inc. in Massachusetts

Health and Safety Awareness for Working Teens

Prepared by the University of Washington to help prevent young workers from being injured, harassed or killed on the job by providing them with information and educational resources. Includes teacher resources

Youth Worker Safety & Health

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor provides links to rules pertaining to young workers including child labor provisions in the Fair Labor Standards Act and occupational safety and health rules, which also pertain to young workers


Young worker OSHA fact sheet


Occupational Injuries Among Young Workers

Monthly Labor Review, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Are You a Teen Worker?


Can You Dig It? A Safety & Health Guide for Young Workers in Landscaping, Greenhouses & Nurseries 

Federal Network for Young Worker Safety and Health

Information on youth rights and responsibilities in the workplace

Minor Labor Laws

The Ohio Division of Industrial Compliance offers this fact sheet with the Ohio laws pertaining to minors.

Youth Rules!

Sponsored by the US Department of Labor provides information to youth, educators and employers on compliance issues and other concerns of youth in the work force

Young Workers: You Have Rights!

Sponsored by OSHA, designed to help the youth worker stay healthy and safe on the job through links specific to youth concerns including stressful conditions, dangerous work, unsafe equipment, trying to hurry and inadequate supervision. Also provides information to educators.

Educational resources on restrictions involving hours of employment and nature of work

Youth Rules! Stickers & Bookmarks

Sponsored by the US Department of Labor, provides employers with youth safety stickers and bookmarks formatted for printing

Additional resources for educators

Safety Checklist Program for Schools

Sponsored by NIOSH, provides many valuable links for educators to assist with educating students in the importance of workplace safety as well as implementing their own safety and health programs through the NIOSH Safety Checklist Program for Schools

Youth@Work: Talking Safety

A foundation curriculum in occupational safety and health created by a consortium of partners, including NIOSH

Harriet Rubenstein – Protecting the Health and Safety of Working Teenagers – American Family Physician, Vol. 60/No.2/August 1999

Labor education for the K-12 curriculum

California Federation of Teachers, Labor and Climate Justice Education Committee

Additional resources for employers

NIOSH – Preventing deaths, injuries and illnesses of young workers

Protecting youth at work: health, safety and development of working children and adolescents in the US. National Academy Press, 1998 (BWC Library) 

Sandy Smith – “Learning the hard way: preventing teen injuries in summer jobs.” Occupational Hazards, 6/20/2002

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