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Grow Ohio Incentive Program
Gives new employers a discount or the opportunity to join a group-experience rating program

BWC created the Grow Ohio Incentive Program to help spur job creation in the state by offering new employers one of the following premium discount options.

  • The opportunity to join a group-experience-rating program and receive a premium discount – potentially up to 53 percent.
  • A 25-percent discount on their workers' comp premiums.

BWC defines a new employer as a new business entity or an out-of-state business that creates one or more jobs in Ohio. The following are NOT eligible for the program: professional employer organizations (PEOs), self-insuring employers and employers transferring experience.

The group-experience-rating option

If you're interested in joining a group you must select a sponsoring organization to place you into their group-rating program. To be eligible for inclusion in group-experience rating, employers must appear on a submitted group roster within 30 days of becoming Grow Ohio eligible. View a list of sponsoring organizations and their groups.

Make sure you ask the sponsoring organizations about any fees for group participation. Sponsoring organizations may charge employers for the additional services and information they provide.

The 25-percent discount option

BWC will automatically apply the 25-percent discount for the payroll period in which your coverage becomes effective and the next two consecutive policy years thereafter as long as your company maintains eligibility.

Maintaining eligibility 
Employers participating in the 25-percent option must complete one safety requirement from the list below and remain in good standing for continued eligibility.

  • Safety requirements
    • Complete a safety survey and acknowledge you've read an introduction to our Division of Safety & Hygiene's offerings.
    • Complete at least two hours of safety training offered by our Division of Safety & Hygiene. You may complete the course work at one of our training locations, the Ohio Safety Congress or online through the BWC Learning Center. You can view a list of safety courses here.
    • Complete the Safety Management Self-Assessment (SH-26).
  • Continuing eligibility
    • The employer must be current with respect to all payments due BWC as defined in OAC 4123-17-14(A)(3).
    • The employer must be current on the payment schedule of any part-pay agreement it entered into for payment of premiums or assessment obligations. 
    • The employer must not have cumulative lapses in workers' compensation coverage in excess of 40 days within the prior 12 months.