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Updating an SI policy
Updating an Ohio workers' compensation self-insurance policy

You must notify BWC regarding any changes to your self-insuring (SI) policy, such as canceling coverage or company ownership changes.


You must notify us within 30 days if there have been changes that may affect the administration of your program as stated in Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 4123-19-03 (M). This includes ownership changes, subsidiary additions or removals, and mergers or acquisitions. There is no form needed.

Your must notify our self-insured department, in writing, of any changes within the required time frame. Do not wait until your yearly renewal. However, if there are changes to your policy that you’ve already notified BWC about, include this information with your renewal materials.

Canceling your SI coverage

If your company does not plan to renew its self-insuring status, you must notify us in writing. There is no form needed.

Important: If you still have employees operating in Ohio and cancel your self-insured policy, you must obtain BWC workers' compensation (state-fund) coverage.

In addition, as a cancelled self-insured risk, you must continue administration of all SI claims pursuant to OAC 4123-19-05.

If you have questions related to the cancellation process, email the BWC’s self-insured department or fax us at 614-621-1246.