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Understanding managed care organizations
An MCO helps an employer file and manage claims.

If a workplace injury occurs, it's important to have the resources to provide care for your injured workers. A managed care organization (MCO) helps an employer:

  • File and manage claims.
  • Ensure your injured workers receive the quality medical care they deserve.
  • Facilitates an employee's quick and safe return to work.

MCOs manage the medical portion of a workers' compensation claim to ensure that injured workers receive the quality medical care they deserve.

As an employer, you can choose the MCO that best suits your company's needs. A new employer must make a selection within 30 days of receiving your Certificate of Ohio Workers' Compensation (also called a Certificate of Coverage). If a selection is not made, BWC may assign an MCO to you.

Use the Employer/MCO look-up to find the assigned MCO for an employer.

To select an MCO, an employer will use the following resources:

  • MCO Selection Guide - Assists employers in selecting an MCO that's right for their company
  • MCO Report Card - Provides information to help employers evaluate the past performance of the MCOs
  • MCO Selection Form - Allows employers to submit their MCO selection choice
  • MCO Directory - Provides contact information for all BWC certified MCOs