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Domestic coverage
Domestic coverage applies to full or part-time workers employed inside or outside your private residence

Domestic workers are those employees hired directly to work in and around the home. Job duties of domestic workers would include:

  • Cooks.
  • Gardeners.
  • Housekeepers.
  • Babysitters.
  • Home improvement/Construction workers


  • If a domestic worker earns $160 or more from one employer during a calendar quarter, the employer must provide workers' compensation coverage for that domestic worker. BWC defines a calendar quarter as any consecutive 13-week period.
  • Employers (which includes anyone hiring help at their residence) must obtain workers' compensation coverage for workers hired to perform home improvement and/or construction activities, unless the worker has his/her own business or his/her own workers' compensation insurance.
  • If you are hiring a contractor to perform work services, you may want to verify that he/she does have active workers' compensation coverage.

To apply for domestic coverage, complete the Application for Ohio Workers' Compensation Coverage (U-3).
Coverage becomes effective on the date BWC receives the completed U-3 and the required $120 non-refundable application fee.

For those having domestic coverage, reportable wages are not subject to minimum and maximum payroll reporting requirements.

To cancel coverage, you can use the Coverage cancellation service offering or submit a Notification of Policy Update (U-117).