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Reporting Fraud
To report fraud, you need only to suspect that fraud may have been committed

Anyone who suspects workers’ compensation fraud from an injured worker (claimant), employer or medical provider can report it anonymously. You need only to suspect that fraud may have been committed when reporting it to BWC. 

To report fraud:

Go here to report suspected fraud online.


Call the BWC Fraud Hotline at 1-800-Ohio-BWC; then choose Option 4.


The more information you provide, the better BWC can efficiently conduct a thorough, fair and objective investigation. Helpful information includes name and address of person you’re reporting, details about the improper or fraudulent activity you suspect, and any other information you feel will help our investigation.

Once BWC receives your allegation, the Special Investigations Department (SID) will review and investigate your allegation for any potential administrative, civil or criminal action. During that time, a member of the SID may call you for additional information. However, if you obtain additional information, feel free to contact BWC.  

Important: Investigations are confidential until closed. Accordingly, BWC cannot release information on open investigations. You may continue to contact us to provide additional information during the course of an investigation — and we welcome it — but BWC cannot apprise you of any progress.