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Special investigations
Learn about BWC's special investigations department (SID)

Ohio law (Ohio Revised Code 4121.131) designates BWC’s special investigations department (SID) as a criminal justice agency. SID protects Ohio's state insurance fund by aggressively pursuing cases of injured worker (claimant), medical provider and employer (premium) fraud. As a result of our investigations, we declare over payments, identify actuarial savings, disallow claims, pursue prosecutions and recover dollars — all of which directly impact BWC’s effectiveness in reducing premium costs.

SID is comprised of the following units or teams:

  • Injured worker fraud unit – This consists of three teams divided around the state that investigate injured worker (claimant) fraud.
  • Health-care provider unit – This team investigates health-care fraud related to medical providers, pharmacies, rehab providers, durable medical equipment providers, etc. 
  • Employer fraud unit – This team investigates employers who have lapsed workers’ compensation coverage, misreported payroll, falsified coverage, etc. 
  • Safety violations investigation unit (SVIU) – This includes team members located throughout the state who conduct investigations of potential Ohio safety code violations in the workplace.
  • Intelligence unit – This team provides digital forensics and other security-related services used throughout BWC’s central offices.
  • BWC security – This team operates statewide to provide physical security and safety to all employees and visitors.

Want to learn more about BWC special investigations?

To request educational materials or a speaker for a presentation, contact the appropriate team below, or call 614-728-2617.

To report a safety violation, fatality or serious injury email the safety violations investigations team.