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Our webinars offer helpful information and education to support providers in their treatment of Ohio's injured workers.

Join our medical policy unit for webinars on topics about billing and reimbursement policy, coverage and service provisions. You must register for each live webinar. We'll also record these webinars for later review and reference. You can find them by clicking on Provider videos.




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Vocational Rehabilitation Fee Schedule Updates Providers will learn more about the 2020 changes to the Vocational Rehabilitation Fee Schedule, which will be effective Oct. 1, 2020. The fee schedule has a new look and feel, so BWC staff  will walk you through the file to help you find the service definitions, reimbursement impacts and fees. Providers will also learn how to bill for the services where codes were consolidated.
Note: There were no payment changes to this rule, but there were service definition changes.
Sept. 10, 2020 Noon