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Our webinars offer helpful information and education to support providers in their treatment of Ohio's injured workers.

Join our medical policy unit for webinars on topics about billing and reimbursement policy, coverage and service provisions.  You must register for each live webinar. We'll also record these webinars for later review and reference. You can find them by clicking on Provider videos.




Time (EDT)

Medication Approval: When your prescription needs prior authorization

Topics covered will include:

  • Elements of the Request for Prior Authorization (MEDCO-31)
  • Medications that require a MEDCO-31
  • When a MEDCO-31 is not needed
  • Brand authorization when a generic is available
9/24/19 Noon
Transitional Work Developers Re-accreditation For transitional work developers whose accreditation is expiring July 25 and Oct. 3, 2019.
If you're not sure when your accreditation expires, refer to the issue date on your certificate or the BWC-accredited TW developers list.
9/25/2019 1 to 3 p.m.
Causal Relationship-What a provider needs to know Listen as BWC's legal department explains what "causal relationship" means, and how this important connection from you is necessary for BWC. 10/29/19 Noon