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Self-insuring employer contact information
Current names and contact information for self-insuring employers

If you're treating an injured worker whose employer is self-insuring (SI), you should report the claim directly to that employer not BWC. SI employers are responsible for reporting the claim to BWC, and paying benefits and medical bills.  

We've created an Excel spreadsheet with search capabilities that you can use to look up contact information for the SI employer, and then you can learn where to report the claim. Just follow the instructions below.
The same instructions are available on the actual spreadsheet.

SI contact info

  1. Click on the Enable Content button.
  2. In the search criteria section, enter the date of injury and any detailed employer information the injured worker has provided. Then, click Search
  3. If you can identify the correct SI employer, use the primary contact name and number listed to communicate with that employer to determine where to report the claim.   
  4. If you're not able to determine whether the employer is SI or state fund, use the Employer/MCO look-up
  5. If you still cannot identify the correct employer, go ahead and report the claim directly to BWC by faxing the FROI and all supporting medical evidence to 614-621-9565.    

If you have questions, email BWC’s self-insured department, or call 614-466-8222.