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Provider eNews
BWC distributes Provider eNews monthly via email to keep our providers up to date on the latest workers' comp news that impacts them. Here you'll find an archive of past editions available for download.

If you'd like to subscribe to Provider eNews and you have an e-account, go to Request eNotices and request to receive  BWC updates.

If you don't have an e-account but still wish to receive Provider eNews, join our provider listserve.

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July 2019 PDF  
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March 2019 PDF  
February 2019 PDF  
January 2019 PDF  
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December 2018 PDF
November 2018 PDF
October 2018 PDF
September 2018 PDF
August 2018 PDF
July 2018 PDF
June 2018 PDF
May 2018 PDF
April 2018 PDF
March 2018 PDF
February 2018 PDF
January 2018 PDF