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Ergonomics resource guides by industry
The following ergonomics resources have been selected to provide industry-specific recommendations and information

Each year approximately 30 percent of the work-related injuries/illnesses are associated with ergonomic deficiencies, making them one of the most prevalent and costly injuries in many industries. Fortunately, a number of industry-specific publications, guidelines and case studies are available that provide ideas for improving ergonomics and reducing the potential for work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

For you convenience, we have compiled the following ergonomics resources* organized by industry groups along with some examples of the types of operations that are associated with each industry. To find a list of ergonomics resources that might be helpful for your organization, click on the industry category that your business falls under and you will be directed to that area of the resources guide. For personalized assistance with your ergonomic needs, click here to request assistance from one of our ergonomics consultants.

We also offer training classes, safety videos, and safety grant case studies relevant to ergonomics and these industries. Additionally, our lifting guidelines are useful across many industries. Please visit our training, video library, safety grant case study, and lifting guidelines web pages or see our Safety Catalog for more details:

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Agriculture Industry Ergonomics Resources


Dairy, Egg, Poultry and Livestock Farmers
Ergonomics of Milking Cows



Logging, Tree removal, Lumbering
Ergonomics in Sawmill Operations




Commercial Industry Ergonomics Resources




Construction Industry Ergonomics Resources






Roofing and Sign Erection
Ergonomics for Roofing


Extraction Industry Ergonomics Resources




Healthcare Resources

Healthcare Industry Ergonomics Resources




High Risk Commercial Industry Ergonomics Resources




Manufacturing Industry Ergonomics Resources





Paper, Corrugated and Printed Materials
OSHA Printing eTool




Office and Administrative Ergonomics Resources


Public Employers


Schools and Colleges

Schools and Colleges Ergonomics Resources
Ergonomics for Schools







Service Industry Ergonomics Resources











Hotels, Country Clubs, Marinas, Casinos
Cornell Hotel Ergonomics Project


Transportation Industry Ergonomics Resources








Utilities Industry Ergonomics Resources