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Ergonomics resource guides by industry
The following ergonomics resources have been selected to provide industry-specific recommendations and information.

Each year approximately 30 percent of the work-related injuries/illnesses are associated with ergonomic deficiencies, making them one of the most prevalent and costly injuries in many industries. Fortunately, a number of industry-specific publications, guidelines and case studies are available that provide ideas for improving ergonomics and reducing the potential for work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

For you convenience, we have compiled the following ergonomics resources* organized by industry groups along with some examples of the types of operations that are associated with each industry. To find a list of ergonomics resources that might be helpful for your organization, click on the industry category that your business falls under and you will be directed to that area of the resources guide. For personalized assistance with your ergonomic needs, click here to request assistance from one of our ergonomics consultants.

We also offer training classes, safety videos, and safety grant case studies relevant to ergonomics and these industries. Additionally, our lifting guidelines are useful across many industries. Please visit our training, video library, safety grant case study, and lifting guidelines web pages or see our Safety Catalog for more details:

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Crop farmers, nurseries, orchards, vineyards
NIOSH Simple Solutions: Ergonomics on the Farm




Wholesale and retail stores
OSHA Guidelines for Retail Grocery Stores
Grocery Warehousing - OSHA eTool
Wireless Retail Store Ergonomics
Liquor Retail (Australia)
Tire Retail (Australia)
Warehouse Superstores (Canada)


Electrical, HVAC and plumbing
Electrical Contractors, OSHA eTool
Preventing strains and sprains when pulling cable (OSHA video)

Carpentry, walls and flooring
Overhead Drilling Demonstration Video



International Association of Drilling Contractors Publication

Health care

Health care 

High Risk Commercial


Paper, corrugated and printed materials
OSHA Printing eTool

Office and Administrative 

Public employers

Schools and colleges

Bus drivers and driver's aides
Article on ergonomic school bus driver seats


Landscaping, tree trimming, and tree removal ervices
Material Handling in Landscaping
OSHA Safety and Health Topics: Landscape and Horticultural Services
OSHA Assistance for the Tree Care Industry
Teen Workers Landscaping: Plant Your Feet on Safe Ground!
Instructor Guide for the Landscaping and Horticultural Services Industry (PDF)

Laundering and dry cleaning
NIOSH Control of Ergonomic Hazards in Commercial Dry Cleaning

Moving, shipping, warehousing, storage and freight handling
Packing Instructions & Ergonomics | UC Berkeley - Business Services
OSHA Assistance for the Trucking Industry: Industry Hazards ...

Printing, mailing, and packaging
Manual Handling in the Printing Industry (UK).
Examples of Good Ergonomics practices at the United States Postal Service
Control of Ergonomic Hazards from Squeegee Handles in the Screen Printing Industry
Ergonomics in the Printing Industry eTool

Child care, pet care and domestic services
Back injury prevention for Childcare Providers
Ergonomics and the Child Care Environment - White Hutchinson
The Ergonomics of Caring for Children: An Exploratory Study
Manitoba Small Business Ergonomics Case Studies (Day Care Examples)
An Ergonomics Process for the Care and Use of Research Animals

Restaurants, catering, vending and food service
Cal-OSHA Work Smarter Not Harder Poster for Restaurant Workers
OSHA Restaurant eTool
Ergonomics in action for the food processing industry
Preventing ergonomic hazards in restaurants and foodservice operations
Restaurant Ergonomics - ErgoMatters

Barbers, beauty shops and spas
Ergonomic Basics for Nail Salon Professionals,
Manitoba Small Business Ergonomics Case Studies

Hotels, country clubs, marinas, casinos
Cornell Hotel Ergonomics Project


Mail parcel or package delivery
Ergonomic assessment of shipping and receiving: NAVFAC East Division
Naval Facilities Engineering Command Ergonomic Risk Assessment

Whole Body Vibration Study

Aviation and air transportation
OSHA Baggage Handling eTool
Baggage Handling (UK)
Manual Handling in Airports (Ireland)

Ambulance and EMS
Ergonomic Guidelines for EMS workers
Firefighter and EMS Ergonomics Video
FEMA Fire and EMS Ergonomics Guidelines

Bus and taxi cab services
Article on ergonomic school bus driver seats