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OSHA On-Site Consultation Program
BWC’s OSHA On-Site Consultation Program provides free and confidential safety and health assistance for small to medium sized, high-hazard private employers.

Consultation is voluntary, and you must request it. Call, mail or submit the request for service form below. The consultant will discuss your specific needs with you and set up a visit at a time that's convenient for you. You may limit the visit to one or more areas of concern.

Is this service for you? 

Through this FREE and CONFIDENTIAL program we offer:

  • Free on-site safety inspections and consultation.
  • Safety program assistance.
  • Safety and hygiene training or seminars.
  • Printed and electronic resources.

Unlike the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), BWC's OSHA On-Site Consultation Program does not have right of entry to a workplace. Also, it does not issue citations or penalties. We mutually agree upon a time frame within which you can correct any serious hazards identified.


  • Reducing worker injury and illness rates
  • Decreasing workers' comp costs
  • Improving worker morale
  • Increasing productivity
  • Recognizing and removing hazards from the workplace
  • Improving safety and health management systems

Role of the consultants

  • Help employers recognize hazards in the workplace
  • Assist employers in developing or maintaining effective safety and health management programs
  • Suggest general approaches or options for solving a safety or health problem
  • Identify resources available if an employer needs further assistance
  • Provide employers with a written report summarizing findings

Frequently asked questions

What is the expertise of the OSHA On-Site consultants and how are they trained?
OSHA On-Site consultants are trained on a variety of subject matters that relate to occupational safety and health. Each consultant receives training from OSHA at the OSHA Training Institute. The courses are required for all consultants and OSHA compliance officers. Consultants are looking at the same hazards and violations in a workplace as OSHA compliance officers and as result need the same quality of training. Consultants also may have advanced degrees and may have certifications in areas of focus, such as being a Certified Industrial Hygienist or a Certified Safety Professional.

What types of consultations does the OSHA On-Site Consultation Program offer?
Generally speaking, OSHA On-Site consultants provide either health or safety consultations because an employer wants to be safe. Most consultations are requested to assist the employer to review the written programs, evaluate the workplace for safety and health hazards, and to provide a closing conference and report that assists the employer to address the hazards that were found. These consultations can happen once, or in many cases, the employer wants a review to occur several times over the years. This latter case helps the employer to learn about hazards in the workplace that OSHA may look for.

OSHA On-Site consultants are frequently asked to assist companies as a result of an OSHA interaction. OSHA may contact an employer as a result of a non-formal complaint. Since OSHA pays each state to run a consultation program, they refer these employers to the OSHA On-Site Consultation Program as a means to assist the employer in addressing the OSHA non-formal complaint. Consultants work only with the employer on these consultations, not with OSHA. When addressing the complaint requires air or noise monitoring, industrial hygiene consultants are able to provide this service as part of the consultation.

When can I schedule an OSHA On-Site consultation?
OSHA On-Site consultants make every effort to work with the employer to set a consultation date that meets the needs of the employer. As mentioned above, there are often times when OSHA wants a non-formal complaint addressed. Consultants try to work these consultations into their schedule as best they can. If asked, employers frequently state that our response to their request for a consultation is prompt.  

To request an OSHA On-site consultation, submit the request online. Please have your BWC policy number ready. A safety consultant will contact you within two business days.