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PERRP alerts, fact sheets, checklists
The Public Employment Risk Reduction Program provides alerts, fact sheets and checklists to help keep public employees safe

PERRP safety alerts

PERRP Safety Alerts (PSAs) provide important information about risk factors that can cause public employee injuries or deaths in Ohio. Each PSA outlines ways to reduce or eliminate risks that could contribute to work related accidents. The PSAs cover training, proper work practices and control measures necessary to reduce the risk of serious injury.

PSAs are not a standard or regulation, and they create no new legal obligations. PSAs are advisory in nature, informational in content, and are intended to assist public employers in providing a safe and healthful workplace.

Hazards of tree felling and trimming operations

Many hazards in tree care work can have potentially fatal consequences for Ohio public employees. Overhead power lines, falling branches, and faulty safety equipment are just a few of the dangers. This PSA discusses the most common hazards and potential control measures. 

Hazards of work zone operations

Working in or adjacent to a roadway presents significant risks to public employees each day in Ohio. This PSA discusses ways to reduce or eliminate risk factors that may contribute to work-zone related accidents.


PERRP fact sheets and checklists

Fact sheets and checklists are intended to assist public employers and employees with understanding the adopted standards and the recognition of hazardous conditions. They provide summaries of new or updated Ohio Employment Risk Reduction Standards and guidance on other issues that frequently occur in public sector workplaces.

Trench Safety Poster

This poster provides helpful tips and considerations when working in or around trenches.

Crane Operator Certification Fact Sheet

On Nov. 8, 2010, PERRP adopted an Ohio Employment Risk Reduction standard for cranes and derricks used during public employment construction activities. If you're a state or local government (public) employer or employee in Ohio, you must comply with this adopted standard, 29 CFR 1926, Subpart CC. This fact sheet summarizes requirements in this updated standard for the certification of crane operators.

Indoor Air Quality Checklist

This checklist helps employers to identify and address indoor air quality issues in their workplace.

PERRP Safety and Health Training Checklist

This checklist provides a general list of the most common training and information subjects found in adopted PERRP standards.

PERRP Program Review Checklist

This checklist covers the most-common documentation requirements in adopted PERRP standards.