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PERRP Safety Partnership Agreement (SPA) Program
Are you a public employer dedicated to safety? Do you have and maintain an exemplary workplace safety and health program?

If so, we want you for our Safety Partnership Agreement (SPA) Program. 

Who's eligible?
All Ohio public employers (including state agencies and self-insuring) that have exhibited a strong commitment to protecting their workforce and that have a proven workplace safety and health record. 

What are the benefits?
By achieving SPA recognition, you'll be part of an elite group of public employers that maintain exemplary safety and health programs. SPA recognition excludes your organization from PERRP's general schedule inspections. As a SPA participant, you: 

  • Create a better, safer, healthier environment for your workers. 

  • Become a leader in your industry and attract skilled workers. 

  • Can achieve lower workers' compensation costs and increase productivity. 

  • Will receive official recognition from PERRP for your achievements. 

How can my organization participate in SPA?

  • Have an active workers' compensation policy and be current on all payments due to BWC. 

  • Have an injury and illness history less than the aggregate Total Recordable Case (TRC); and Days Away, Restriction or Transfer (DART) rates for all Ohio public employment sectors. The current (2018) aggregate TRC is 3.8 and the aggregate DART rate is 1.8. 

  • Establish and maintain a safety committee. 

  • Not have any open, unresolved or outstanding PERRP enforcement actions.

  • Agree to comprehensive employment risk-reduction inspections. 

Can my organization get assistance with an SPA?
In an SPA, management, labor and PERRP establish cooperative relationships at workplaces that are implementing or have implemented comprehensive safety and health management systems. PERRP can offer assistance to worksites committed to achieving and maintaining the SPA level of excellence. PERRP encourages employers who have achieved SPA status to serve as occupational safety and health mentors for other public employers. 

Want to know more?
Email PERRPSPA@bwc.state.oh.us

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