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Safety Grants
Grants are available to purchase safety equipment, promote health and wellness, implement drug-free workplaces, minimize firefighters' exposure to dangerous environmental elements and to assist people that work with developmentally disabled children and adults

Safety Intervention Grant Program

This program is available to all Ohio state-fund, private and public taxing district employers to purchase equipment to eliminate or reduce workplace hazards. Private and public employers are eligible for a 3-to-1 matching grant, up to a maximum grant award of $40,000 for each eligibility cycle. This means BWC gives $3 for every $1 the employer contributes.


Workplace Wellness Grant Program

The Workplace Wellness Grant Program (WWGP) provides funding to assist employers in establishing training and programs to reduce health risk factors specific to their employees. Participating employers may receive $300 per participating employee over a four-year period, up to a maximum amount of $15,000 per policy.


Drug-Free Safety Program Grant

Drug-Free Safety Program (DFSP) grants are intended to assist employers in implementing drug-free workplace programs. BWC will reimburse employers at rates detailed in the DFSP grants guide assuming all required documents are submitted and there is available grant funding.


Firefighter Exposure to Environmental Elements Grants (FEEEG) Program

BWC uses the Safety Intervention Grant for Firefighter Exposure to Environmental Elements Grant (FEEEG) Program to partner with Ohio employers to minimize exposure to dangerous environmental elements. The FEEEG Program is available only to Ohio firefighter employers. Eligible employers may receive up to $15,000 for the duration of the FEEEG program.


Developmental Disabilities (EWPDD) Grant

BWC uses the Safety Intervention Grant for Employers working with persons with Developmental Disabilities (EWPDD) Grant Program to assist Ohio employers with ensuring the safety of their staff when carrying out the services they provide to developmentally disabled children and adults. Eligible employers may receive up to $20,000 for the duration of the EWPDD grant program.


Past Safety Grant Recipients

Ohio law requires BWC to publish information about those who receive awards through our safety and wellness grant programs.