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Selecting a medical provider
Injured workers must select a BWC-certified medical provider to treat a work-related injury

If the initial doctor treating the injured worker is a BWC-certified medical provider, the worker can keep visiting that doctor. Or, the injured worker can select another BWC-certified medical provider.

Important: Except in an emergency or for the initial visit, the injured worker will be responsible for paying their medical bills if they have a non-BWC certified medical provider treat them.


Finding a BWC-certified provider

To locate a BWC-certified medical provider in your area:

  • View the BWC Provider Lookup;
  • Call BWC at 1-800-644-6292;
  • Call the employer’s Managed Care Organization (MCO).

Although an injured worker's employer might also suggest a doctor for you to visit, the injured worker can visit any BWC-certified medical provider.

When any medical provider treats the work-related injury, give them the workers’ compensation claim number, the MCO information, and the conditions that are allowed in the claim.

Note: Doctors are also called the Physician of Record (POR) and the Treating Physician. A POR is a BWC-certified medical provider.


Changing a medical provider

The injured worker can change doctors by completing a (C-23) Notice to Change Physician of Record form. Then, send the completed form to their assigned Managed Care Organization (MCO) for processing.

If the employer is self-insured, complete the (C-23) Notice to Change Physician of Record form and send it directly to the injured worker's employer.