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If You’re Hurt on the Job
What to do if a worker is hurt on the job

BWC is deeply committed to keeping Ohio's workplaces safe and preventing on-the-job accidents, injuries and deaths. However, even with safety and prevention methods in place, accidents and injuries can still happen. The following information provides details about what to do if a worker is hurt on the job.


Reporting the injury

When an injury occurs, the injured worker should immediately tell their employer what happened and ask if they need to fill out an internal accident report at their company. An internal accident report is used to document the work-site injury.

Once completed, the injured worker should give the internal accident report to their employer and keep a copy for themselves. This report may be needed for claims management purposes, so the worker may also be asked to submit a copy to BWC or the MCO.


Getting medical attention

If injured on the job, the injured worker should seek immediate medical attention. The injured worker can see any doctor for their first visit, so they can go to their own doctor or to a hospital.

After the first doctor’s visit, the injured worker must select a BWC-certified medical provider. Refer to Getting Medical Care for more information.

During the initial doctor’s visit, the injured worker should tell the physician or emergency room staff that they are seeking treatment for a workers’ compensation claim.


Filing a claim

If a worker is injured on the job and wants to receive workers’ compensation benefits, a workers’ compensation claim will need to be filed. Refer to Understanding the Claims Process for more information.