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Tools for authorized representatives
Authorized representatives, representing an employer or injured worker, can find helpful tools and resources here.


Authorized reps can now sign up for direct deposit of claim attorney fees.
BWC now offers attorneys and law firms the option to receive payments by electronic funds transfer. To take advantage of this option, you must complete and send to BWC's benefits payable department:

See our frequently asked questions sheet for complete details.

Important: We will only deposit payments via EFT made payable to the attorney or law firm for attorney fees. Payments we mail for policy refunds, in care of or that have joint payees, are not eligible for EFT. We'll continue to pay those by check.

Filing a claim - Applicable forms

Temporary total/Salary continuation - Applicable forms

Wage loss - applicable forms

Scheduled loss - applicable forms

Percentage of permanent partial - Applicable forms

Permanent total disability (PTD)/DWRF - Applicable forms

Lump sum settlement - Applicable forms

Lump sum advancement - Applicable forms

Wages - Applicable forms

Travel reimbursement - Applicable forms

Other - Applicable forms