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Deborah Kroninger
Jul 8, 2020 | Executive staff

Deborah Kroninger

As Chief of Medical Operations, Debi Kroninger manages the business areas that coordinate BWC's vocational rehabilitation program, disability evaluator panel services, provider relations, transitional work grant and bonus programs, alternative dispute resolution, pharmacy management and nurse support.

Kroninger joined the Medical & Health Division in October 2013 as director of medical programs before accepting her current role as part of the senior team in January 2016. Prior to her responsibilities in the medical area, she held several key positions within Field Operations Administration.

Debi has over 22 years experience in workers' compensation and has been with the bureau since November 2005. Prior to BWC, Debi held several positions within the private sector at third-party administrators and a self-insuring employer.
Debi received her bachelor's degree in business administration from Franklin University.