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Settling a claim

When the parties to the claim, i.e., the injured worker, employer and BWC, agree to a sum of money which BWC will pay to the injured worker, they settle the claim.

The settlement forever resolves all past, present, or future medical and compensation issues, and liabilities in the claim, whether known or unknown.

BWC always acts in the best interest of all parties to establish a fair and equitable settlement.

BWC administers and approves all claim settlements. The Ohio Industrial Commission may review a settlement within 30 days following the agreement date to ensure that the settlement is fair to all parties.

Requesting a settlement

You must file the Settlement Agreement and Application for Approval of Settlement Agreement (C-240) (state-fund claims only).

The Settlement Research service offering allows you to view information about your claim to assist you in the settlement process.

Settlement terms

The settlement agreement defines the specific terms of settlement. Those terms include, but are not limited to:

  • Effective settlement date is the date BWC mails the settlement approval letter. This is the same date the settlement agreement is published.
  • BWC will not make any payments after the effective settlement date for medical bills or services rendered, regardless of the date of service, whether or not BWC received the bills.
  • All settlements are subject to court-ordered family support, which may be the entire settlement amount in some cases.
  • All settlements are subject to overpayment recoupment. This can be the entire settlement if the overpayment amount exceeds the amount of the agreed-upon settlement.
  • Settlement of the claim does not impair BWC's right to subrogation recovery. View the subrogation page for additional information.
  • Any finding of fraud allows BWC to rescind the settlement agreement and address any overpayment due to fraudulent activity and refer for criminal prosecution.