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Canceling Coverage

Ohio law requires employers to carry workers' compensation coverage for their employees up through the last date that an employee was employed. However, BWC will not cancel workers' compensation coverage until we receive written notification of the employer's desire to cancel the policy.

Employers can cancel their coverage by:

  • Submitting a Notification of Policy Update (U-117).
  • Sending a letter to BWC that includes the date you last had an employee and the date you want to cancel the coverage.
    BWC Policy Services
    30 W. Spring St., 22nd Floor
    Columbus, OH  43215-2256

We'll keep the employer’s policy open and continue to send invoices for premiums until we receive written notification to cancel.

Once we receive the official cancellation notice and determine the cancellation date:

  1. We'll mail a letter to the employer advising them to submit their final payroll true-up report.
  2. After we receive the final payroll true-up report, we'll bill the employer for any prior outstanding balances and/or the balance of premiums from the last payroll true-up report. This could be a debit or credit.
  3. Once the employer cancels their coverage and submits the payroll true-up report, then, we'll refund any monies due, if applicable. 

Important: When cancelling coverage, the employer must pay any premiums (or other assessments) due. If coverage lapsed (ended), the employer must bring their account up to date by paying premiums for their actual or estimated payroll.
Refer to Payroll true-up reports for more information.