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Updating a Policy

An employer must update an existing workers' compensation policy with BWC if they are:

  • Changing a legal business name.
  • Changing a federal employer tax identification number.
  • Changing a Social Security number (SSN) on an existing policy.
  • Changing demographic information, such as mailing address, etc.
  • Transferring a business from one immediate family member to another.
  • Transferring a business from the same or similar ownership group (when an employer is essentially the same employer).

This update is not intended for situations in which the employer succeeds (in whole or in part) another employer in the operation of a business. Refer to Selling or buying a business  for more information on that type of update.

To update an existing workers' compensation policy, complete the Notification of Policy Update (U-117).

Note: Use the Employer demographics service offering to view AND update demographic information about a policy such as company name, mailing address, phone number and website address.