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Understanding managed care organizations (MCOs)

The 2021 MCO Report Card
BWC created the MCO Report Card to make it easy to evaluate every MCO's performance. It measures key elements that lead to medical management quality, safe return-to-work strategies and service timeliness. The report card is based on assessments between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2020.

If a workplace injury occurs, it's important to have the resources to provide care for your injured workers. A managed care organization (MCO) helps an employer:

  • File and manage claims.
  • Ensure your injured workers receive the quality medical care they deserve.
  • Facilitates an employee's quick and safe return to work.

MCOs manage the medical portion of a workers' compensation claim to ensure that injured workers receive the quality medical care they deserve.

As an employer, you can choose the MCO that best suits your company's needs. A new employer must make a selection within 30 days of receiving your Certificate of Ohio Workers' Compensation (also called a Certificate of Coverage). If a selection is not made, BWC may assign an MCO to you.

Use the Employer/MCO look-up to find the assigned MCO for an employer.

To select an MCO, an employer will use the following resources:

  • MCO Selection Guide - Assists employers in selecting an MCO that's right for their company
  • MCO Report Card - Provides information to help employers evaluate the past performance of the MCOs
  • MCO Selection Form - Allows employers to submit their MCO selection choice
  • MCO Directory - Provides contact information for all BWC certified MCOs