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Needing a Prescription

If an injured worker needs a prescription after a workers’ compensation claim is allowed (approved), take the following items to the pharmacy:

  • The workers’ compensation claim number;
  • Doctor’s prescription (showing the claim number if available);
  • Injured worker's Social Security Number (SSN);
  • Date of the work-related injury.

As part of BWC’s First Fill Program, the injured worker can receive a 10-day supply of their first prescription(s) before they have a claim number or before the claim has been allowed. The doctor prescribing the medicine will consult BWC’s First Fill Medication List to verify coverage and will write “for work-related injury” on the prescription.

If the injured worker has paid for a prescription out-of-pocket and needs to be reimbursed, they must submit a (C-17) Request for Injured Worker Outpatient Medication Reimbursement form. The pharmacy benefits manager will send the injured worker a reimbursement check.